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Police Department Complaint Form

  1. Notice to the Public
    This Notice explains how to register a complaint against the Department or any of its employees. All complaints made against the Department or its employees shall be investigated, including anonymous complaints. Anonymous complaints will be investigated to the degree possible. If no corroborative information or evidence results from the investigation and the complainant cannot be contacted for an interview, the complaint will be considered invalid. PROCEDURE: 1. Attempt to see or make arrangements to see the employee’s immediate supervisor. If the complaint does not concern any individual employee but instead addresses a particular departmental policy or procedure, ask to see the Chief of Police. 2. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the employee’s immediate supervisor, you will be asked to complete a report form which identifies the circumstances, nature, and extent of your complaint. The report form requests specific information which the Department needs in order to make a thorough investigation. 3. Persons making false statements in their complaints may be in violation of Section 946.32 and/or 946.41 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and could be criminally prosecuted. 4. Investigations will be completed as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances. 5. Persons who initiate written complaints shall receive formal acknowledgement. 6. Persons who initiate written complaints shall receive notification from the Department at the conclusion of the investigation.
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