How do we establish a BID?
  1. The first step in establishing a BID is to form a BID Planning Committee. This committee should be made up of all commercial property owners or their representatives within the proposed BID, an elected official, and a representative from the City’s Community Development Department. This group should be the most outspoken advocates for the creation of the BID and will serve as the advisory board in the drafting of the operating plan for the BID.
  2. Create an operating plan with clear goals and objectives as they relate to the City’s Targeted Area Master Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and others. The operating plan will also address possible BID boundaries, work with the Community Development Department - Assessing Division, and identify proposed expenditures.
  3. Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, the BID Planning Committee petitions the City for permission to create the BID.
  4. As soon as the petition is submitted, the City will make a notice of the BID to the impacted property owners and schedule a ‘Class 2’ Public Notice consistent with Wis. Stats. §985.07(2).
  5. The City Plan Commission will hold the public hearing consistent with the notice provided. At this meeting, the Plan Commission may choose to consider the operating plan submitted by the BID Planning Committee. Once the Plan Commission has held the public hearing, a 30-day waiting period is established. During this time, the BID could be rejected if:

    1. Petition is signed by owners of properties representing more than 40% of the value of property to be assessed using the same method of valuation specified in the initial operating plan
    2. Petition is signed by owners representing more than 40% of the value of property to be assessed in the proposed BID
  6. The City Council votes to Adopt or Reject the operating plan of the proposed BID. If adopted, the Mayor appoints, with City Council confirmation, BID Board Members. The Levy imposed by the BID Board Members then goes into effect the following year.

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