Will property owners in the former 100 Year floodplain receive a notice from FEMA?
No, FEMA cannot notify individual policy holders of the map revision, just as we could not notify them of their initial flood risk zone mapping. It is up the property owner to be aware of the flood risk zone affecting them and to make the appropriate risk management decisions. Property owners’ casualty insurance agent should be aware of any changes to the flood risk and advise the client accordingly. And as noted above, any mortgage lender should also be aware of changes. FEMA publishes the flood risk maps and any revisions and amendments at www.msc.fema.gov. Note that the mandatory flood insurance purchase requirement is imposed by federally-regulated mortgage lenders and not by FEMA. State-licensed property casualty insurance agents and brokers are responsible for producing the FEMA-underwritten Standard Flood Insurance Policy to satisfy the lenders’ requirement. FEMA's Flood Map Service Center

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3. Will property owners in the former 100 Year floodplain receive a notice from FEMA?
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