Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Program

  • March - November
  • By Appointment Only. Call 715-346-1931
  • Transfer Facility, 650 Moore Rd., Plover, WI 54467

Accepted Materials

(list is not inclusive)


  • Degreasers, fuel line antifreeze, gasoline, fuels, carburetor cleaner, waxes.

Lawn & Garden

  • Fertilizer, weed killer, insect & bug killer, mothballs, rodent poison, and pool chemicals

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Drain cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, furniture polish, toilet, tub & tile cleaners, and mercury thermostats & thermometers

Hobby & Home

  • Adhesives & glues, floor wax & furniture stripper, oil & lead based paint, mineral spirits, paint thinner & remover, stain, varnish, lacquer, lighter fluid, turpentine, and wood preservative

Pressurized Containers

  • Full or partially full aerosol cans

Latex Paint

  • Dry it out at home and save money!
    Fill a half empty can with a commercial paint hardener, OilDri, or cat litter. Mix. When paint is no longer liquid, toss it in the trash with the lid off.


The program is partially subsidized by a grant from the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection and the Portage County Solid Waste Department. 

Participants pay is a small fee of $0.75 per pound for most items to cover the remaining cost of disposal.

Abby Recording Weight of MaterialsSite Coordinator, Abby Lichtscheidl, recording weight of household hazardous waste.