Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen

Stevens Point Designated one of the Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen
Stevens Point has repeatedly been included in Outdoor Life Magazine's list of "Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen," which is developed annually to provide a list of cities and towns that have "excellent and abundant hunting and fishing opportunities nearby," and are also "great places to raise a family and provide a high quality of life."

The list includes towns that give sportsmen "the best chance of finding a good-paying job and allow you to live comfortably within your means." The magazine gives double-weight to three socio-economic categories to reward towns with low unemployment rates, high household income and a low cost of living.

60 percent of each town's ranking is based upon its "Outdoors" score, which reflects each town's performance in the following categories: Gun Friendliness, Fishable Species, Huntable Species, Proximity to Public Land, and Waters and Trophy Potential.