Prohibited Contributions

Certain contributions are prohibited by Wisconsin law.

A committee may not accept the following types of contributions: 

1. Anonymous contributions of more than $10;
2. Contributions in cash of more than $50;
3. Contributions given in the name of someone other than the contributor (laundered);
4. Contributions from cooperatives or corporations;
5. Contributions in excess of the limits set by law.

A registrant should not accept contributions over $25 from organizations that have not registered. If the committee is notified that a contribution was received from an unregistered organization, the committee must return the contribution, and not accept any additional contributions from that organization unless the organization registers with the appropriate filing officer. To determine if a committee is registered, check with your filing officer.

Registered lobbyists are prohibited from making campaign contributions to state candidates except between June 1 and the day of the general election in the year of the candidate's election. Contributions cannot be given during this period if the legislature is in session. For more information on this restriction, contact the Ethics Board at (608) 266-8123.

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