Downtown Development Plan

In the fall of 2007 the City of Stevens Point engaged the services of Planning and Design Institute to develop an updated Master Plan for the downtown area. The Plan addresses several key issues facing the downtown. The intent of the project is to develop a long-term vision for the Stevens Point waterfront/downtown area.

The Plan (PDF) provides for a visual and graphic representation of proposed design themes, concepts, and recommendations with a goal of moving past planning, and building business, community, and political support for making a continued investment in the downtown and its long-term revitalization.

Main Street

Main Street is the heart of Stevens Point featuring unique architecture and a viable mix of shops, restaurants, and residential development. The plan includes new development and planning concepts that can enhance and reinforce the existing Main Street district in the short and long term.


The waterfront is a magnificent asset to the community. The plan addresses ways to provide additional and reconfigured open space to maximize this resource.

Mall Redevelopment

The future status of the mall property has been under discussion in the recent past. The plan looks at the potential for redeveloping portions of the mall in the context of the overall planning concepts envisioned for the downtown.

Other Redevelopment Opportunities

Infill development, including housing and commercial uses, is vital to the future success of the downtown. The plan outlines several sites where new development will increase the diversity of uses and the residential population that can support local businesses.

One of the most significant challenges in the downtown is the lack of connectivity among the various elements in the area. For example, while the waterfront is a wonderful feature, it is cut off from Main Street by large surface parking lots and an overly-wide First Street. Another barrier is the existing mall which interrupts the street grid between Main Street and residential neighborhoods to the North. The two one-way streets (Centerpoint and Clark) divide the downtown into narrow strips between the traffic corridors and act as barriers to pedestrian flow. These streets also contribute to a complicated traffic pattern that emphasizes through traffic rather than access to local business. Given these circumstances, a key objective of the plan is to interconnect and integrate the various areas within the downtown along with new infill development.

View the Downtown Redevelopment Plan (PDF)