Inspections - When Required

The following inspections are required for all new construction. Additions, remodeling, garages, finished basements, etc. will require only the inspections that apply. (Please see required inspections on approved permits for any special inspections required.)

  • Footings (before pouring concrete)
  • Foundation Walls (before backfilling)
  • Underfloor/slab prior to pouring (before pouring concrete)
  • In between Foundation Walls and Rough Plumbing
  • Rough Plumbing (called in by plumber)
  • Rough Electrical (called in by electrician)
  • Rough Framing (before insulating)
  • Insulation (before wall and ceiling finish is applied)
  • Interior Drain Tile (before pouring basement floor concrete)
  • Final Plumbing (called in by plumber)
  • Final Electrical (called in by electrician)
  • Final Building Occupancy (before moving in)

Resources for Plumbing