Keeping Water Clean & Safe

It is everyone's job to protect water from unnecessary pollution.

  • Farmers and Gardeners must be careful with the kinds of chemicals they use to help plants grow, because the chemicals can seep into the groundwater basin.
  • Water that runs down the street or parking lots goes into storm sewers that empty into natural sources like lakes or rivers. People should be careful about spilled oil, and the products we wash our cars with. When these pollutants get into natural water sources, they harm the plants and animals that live there.
  • Wastewater from homes is sent to wastewater treatment plants through large pipes called sewers. The dirty water is cleaned (treated) and sent out into natural sources to become part of the hydrologic cycle again.
  • Businesses and industries sometimes pollute water with chemicals that they dispose of improperly, but nature also pollutes water with animal waste , dead leaves, and other naturally occurring events. So all water that people use to drink must be cleaned in some way.