Community Calendar Instructions

Please read all instructions before you start entering information!
This form may also be used for ongoing activities and services.
Each line of the form holds as many letters as a line on the TV screen.
Events entered here will be featured on Community TV.

The Community Calendar is a free service of Stevens Point Community TV, which is funded by residents of Stevens Point, and may only be used by groups and for events in the immediate Stevens Point and Plover area where this Community TV channel was viewable before the digital tier made it available elsewhere.

Please Read These Instructions

  • Events must be open to the general public and noncommercial or nonprofit in nature.
  • Fill out this form no more than 2 to 6 weeks before your event.
  • Submit only one entry form. You can put multiple events on one form, or wait until one event is over and then submit another form for your next event.
  • Abbreviate words only when necessary.
  • Avoid hyphenating, but follow grammar rules if you must hyphenate - do not arbitrarily cut words off.
  • Extraneous information may be removed by us (see below).
  • You MUST include the name of the event, its sponsor, date and time, and location.
  • You don't have to use every line.
  • Do not use blank spaces to try to center your information, all text will be centered automatically.
  • In order to ensure that we have time to process all entries, forms that are not filled out according to the instructions will be deleted.
  • You MUST click the "submit" button to send us the information.

Helpful Suggestions

  • When filling out the form, please include just the required important information:
  • Event Holder/Sponsor, Event Name, Date, Time, and Location.
  • Fill out that information first, and then include a brief description of the event and/or other important details on any remaining lines.
  • Viewers have just a short time to read the announcement, so any extraneous information will clutter up the TV screen, making your important details (above) harder to read.

"Just the Facts" - Keep it simple for maximum effectiveness

  • Calls to Action are unnecessary and may be excluded on TV: "Come join us at" "Come on down" "See you there!" "Loads of Fun!" etc.
  • This information is unnecessary and may be excluded on TV: "We invite you to attend" "All are Welcome" "Open to the Public" etc.
  • State, Zip Code, and the Year are unnecessary and may be excluded on TV.
  • We reserve the right to edit your information in any other way that makes it easier to read.

Ongoing Activities and Community Resources

You may use this form to submit announcements for ongoing activities and community resources such as support groups, monthly club meetings, church services, etc. Simply write "not a one-time event" in the special instructions field of the form. The announcement will run continually until you contact us (unless you indicate an ending date somewhere on the form or in the special instructions).

Event Submissions

Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee that all entries will be included. We reserve the right to re-arrange the information you submit, to fix grammar and spelling mistakes, and to otherwise edit the information in order to make the announcement easier to read and to maintain continuity on our Community Calendar. Thank you! Have a Great Event!