Sidewalk Repair

Annual Inspections

The city liability insurance carrier requires a regular inspection of sidewalks for deterioration that poses a hazard to pedestrians. All city sidewalks are personally inspected by a qualified city employee once every five years. View a map of sidewalk repairs (PDF).


Through the City

If you choose to allow the city's contractor to perform sidewalk repairs, please inform the Public Works Department by October 31 of the current year. Work will be contracted for the following summer, and charges (PDF) will be billed directly to the owner.

If the cost of the city to perform the repairs is $100 or less, the full amount will be due in 30 days. If the cost exceeds $100, you may elect to spread that cost, plus interest, over three years.

Through a Contractor

You may elect to perform the necessary repairs yourself, or have the work completed by a concrete contractor. All work must meet the sidewalk standards established by the City Code of Ordinances.


If you have any questions about sidewalk repair, please contact the Public Works Department at 715-346-1561.