Pfiffner Building - Pfiffner Park

Lodge Details

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Main Room

The Pfiffner Building’s main room is very spacious and has rustic charm. This room easily holds 20 picnic tables and 150 chairs, included with rental.

Bathrooms & Kitchen

The bathrooms are in a private hallway and are newly remodeled. The kitchen is a separate room and has a stove, oven, refrigerator, and bar.

Outside the Lodge

The Pfiffner Building has two large double doors that open to reveal a large deck and the beautiful Wisconsin River. A paved path, part of the Green Circle, runs along the river and leads southward to Downtown and northward to Bukolt Park.

The 840 square-foot deck is a great place to mingle, and has a wheelchair ramp. The deck faces west, perfect for enjoying a beautiful sunset over the river. There is a large, grassy area around the building for playing or picnicking. There is ample parking on the south side of the building.

Video Tour

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