Trench Rescue

Trench rescue is another often seen but rarely realized hazard.

  • OSHA defines a trench as a hole in the ground that is deeper than it is wide.
  • Similar to a confined space entry, hazardous atmospheres and possible injuries while in a trench may cause the need for trench rescue techniques.
  • Other hazards specific to trenches include trench wall collapse causing engulfment, objects rolling or falling onto the victim from above, or any number of other injuries or situations.
  • Along with techniques learned in ropes and confined space, specialized training and equipment is used in trench rescue.
  • If the person in the trench was not utilizing shoring equipment, the rescuers will first place it in order to make the trench safe to operate in before entering.
  • Once the trench is made safe, assessment, treatment, and removal of the patient/victim will then take place.