Technical Rescue Team

Rescue Training
In 2005, the Stevens Point Fire Department (SPFD) formed a local resource technical rescue team. In the event of a disaster requiring technical rescue services anywhere in Central Wisconsin, this team is prepared for situations out of the norm of day-to-day firefighting and emergency medical services response.

Specialties that are the focus of this response capability include:

Funding & Regional Partnerships
The Stevens Point Fire Department received this designation and funding from the State of Wisconsin's Office of Justice Assistance (OJA). Recognizing the vast human resource needs of this type of response, SPFD invited various contiguous fire departments to join in this regional effort.

SPFD now acts as the "hub" for this team with partnerships with other departments including: Amherst Fire District, City of Marshfield, City of Wisconsin Rapids, Town of Hull, Village of Whiting.

These agencies eagerly contribute human resources and related equipment to the effort. Through this cooperative effort, Central Wisconsin is preparing for events of low frequency but high risk.

With this advanced training and equipment, your Emergency Services Providers are more capable than ever before to handle technical rescue calls. As further training becomes available, our personnel will step up to the challenge and continue to dedicate themselves to their community and your service.