Special Assessments

We are able to ease the burden of large first installment payments made on Special Assessments.

  • This service is available for City of Stevens Point properties only.
  • Those parcels that have Special Assessment charges on their tax bill will see that the payment allocation has changed.
  • Prior to the change, the Special Assessment had to be paid in full on the first installment of the tax bill.
  • As an added service to the taxpayer, the Special Assessment charge is now calculated over the three installments on the tax bill.
  • This will not impact those that pay in full on either December 31 or January 31.
  • Only Special Assessments, typically sewer and water installations, will be split on the installment basis.
  • Special Charges (for example: snow or recycling violations, delinquent water and sewer and all other service charges) will not be split into installments and must be paid in full by January 31.