Lottery Credit

Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Program

Real Estate Lottery Credit

  • You may claim the lottery and gaming credit if on January 1st of the tax year you were the owner of the property in question and it was your primary residence.  (Note:  “primary residence” is where you live most of the time.  You can only have one primary residence and only claim one credit.)
  • If your property previously received the lottery credit, your property will be pre-certified and automatically receive the credit on your next tax bill.
  • If you no longer qualify for the credit, the law requires that you notify your treasurer within 30 days.  
  • If the lottery credit doesn’t appear on your tax bill and you feel that you qualify:
    • On, or before January 31st, stop in our office to sign the Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Application form (LC-100) to add the credit to your tax bill.
    • After January 31st, but before October 1st, you will need to request the credit to be refunded from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Revenue using the Wisconsin Late Lottery and Gaming Credit Application (LC-300).  You must mail that form with a copy of your most recent tax bill.  In addition, you must submit form (LC-100) to the Stevens Point Treasurer’s Office for next year’s credit to appear on your tax bill. These forms are available on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website listed above.

Mobile Home Lottery Credit