Property Taxes

Pay Online or by Phone with an e-Check or Credit Card

Fees for this Service

  • e-Check: $1.50 each check
  • Credit/Debit cards: 2.35% plus $1.50 per transaction
  • Fees are subject to change

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Find Tax Information for Specific Properties

Use our online tax lookup for any property in the City of Stevens Point. You can reprint tax bills, check on payment due dates, find out the balance is due, if taxes are delinquent you can calculate a payoff for a future date, print payment details and view the owner name and address at the time the tax bill was issued.


  • When you enter text into the "Street" field, enter just the name (such as Main or Fourth) and not the type (such as Street, Avenue, or Drive). When entering text into the "Parcel" field, omit the "281" if present, and omit any dots or dashes.
  • If the real estate taxes are delinquent for prior year, please contact the Portage County Treasurer for current balance and payoff information (715) 346-1348.

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The City of Stevens Point uses GovTech Services' Portfolio system for escrow payment processing. This process provides your facility a faster and more efficient way to pay and monitor multiple parcels.Payments are sent to the City electronically, eliminating the cost for envelopes and postage, the need to write a paper check, time spent making phone calls, and working with duplicate or short payments.Payments are posted as paid once your ACH payment has been received.