Garbage & Recycling

Garbage & Recycling Collection

Putting Garbage & Recyclables in Your Carts

  • All garbage can be placed directly in your cart with the brown lid, free of a bag. If you wish to use a bag, it must be clear or transparent. Collection crews must be able to see the garbage while it is being dumped out of the cart.
  • All recyclables can be placed directly in your cart with the green lid, rinsed & mixed together. See What Is and Is Not Recyclable.
  • Do not bag your recyclables, just dump them right into the cart.
  • See what You Can and Cannot Put in Your Garbage or Recycling Cart.
  • The Street Dept. will not collect garbage or recyclables that do not fit in your cart with the lid closed. 
  • Do not overstuff your cart. Tightly-packed, overstuffed carts may not empty completely.
  • Always place your cart so that the arrow on the lid is facing the street. This places the cart in proper position for emptying.
  • Any garbage and recyclables that are not in compliance with collection requirements will be tagged with information and will not be collected.

Collection Schedule

  • Garbage will be collected every week. 
  • Recycling will be collected every other week on the same day as your garbage. 
  • Collection Schedule (Alphabetical Street List PDF)
  • All garbage and recyclables must be at curb/street side by 7:00 AM. They cannot be out earlier than 6:00 PM the day before collection and must be off curb/street side by Midnight the day of collection.
  • Any garbage or recyclables placed out beyond scheduled hours is subject to removal with the costs charged to the property owner. 

Cart Placement for Pickup

  • Carts may be placed in your driveway or in the apron of your driveway.
  • Carts may be placed next to your driveway in the gutter area where it is not a travel lane (this is recommended in areas with heavy parking).
  • Carts may be placed anywhere along the area between the sidewalk and the curb.
  • Carts may be placed partially on the sidewalk where the sidewalk is adjacent to the curb, or where there is a narrow parkway as long as there is at least 3-feet of sidewalk clear for passage (for wheelchair accessibility).
  • Carts may be placed behind the sidewalk, no more than 8 feet from the face of the curb, in No Parking Zones.
  • Where there is no curb and gutter, carts may be placed anywhere behind the pavement edge, in the shoulder area.
  • Carts MUST be at least 4-feet from obstacles, including other carts.
  • The area between the cart and the street MUST be clear of obstacles.
  • Carts MAY NOT be placed on top of snow piles.
  • See diagrams showing cart placement options (PDF).

If you need additional help determining where to place your carts, please call the Streets Department at 715-346-1537.

Disabled and cannot move your cart?

If you are disabled or have a handicap and cannot move your refuse and/or recycling cart, please call the Streets Department at 715-346-1537 to apply for our "special assistance" waste collection service, or Print a Form to Apply for Assistance Here (PDF).

Get Additional Carts or Exchange Carts

  • Each residential property has at least one cart with a brown lid for garbage and one cart with a green lid for recyclables.
  • Property owners may pay for the use of additional refuse and/or recycling carts at any time by contacting the Streets Department at 100 6th Avenue, 715-346-1537, or the Engineering Department at 1515 Strongs Avenue, 715-346-1561.
  • Property owners may take one or both of their carts to the City Streets Department, 100 6th Avenue (in Bukolt Park), and exchange them for carts of a different size during regular business hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday (additional fees may apply).
  • Application for additional cart service or exchanging your cart (PDF)