Crime Victims

General Information

If you would like information about how to exercise the rights that you have as a victim of a crime, please contact Victim/Witness Assistance at the District Attorney's office.

Agencies in the criminal justice system will make a good faith attempt to contact and assist you, but you must notify the District Attorney's Office of any changes in your address or phone number.

We realize that being a crime victim can be a very disturbing experience. Forget what you've seen on TV or in the movies. Crime and its effects are seldom tied up in an hour or two. Crime disrupts the health, personal outlook and relationships of victim.

Just as a physical injury takes time to heal, the invisible wound created by crime takes time to heal. It can take weeks or months for victims to regain their emotional balance. Talking is often the best medicine for crime victims. Victims need non-judgmental support and time to heal at their own pace.

Threats or Intimidation

If you are subject to threats or intimidation arising from your case and/or cooperation with law enforcement and prosecuting efforts relating to this crime, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency for further information.