Floodplain / Flood Zone Information

Flood Zone Information

The Division of Planning and Zoning, through Chapter 23 - Zoning (PDF) of the Stevens Point Municipal Code, regulates development within floodplain areas within the City of Stevens Point. Local officials are not required to provide flood zone determinations, but they are required to provide assistance to property owners.

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2015 Letter of Map Revision

In May of 2015, FEMA, the DNR, and the City finalized an amendment to the mapped floodplain along the east side of the Wisconsin River, which removed several properties from the 100-year floodplain and reclassified them to "Area with Reduced Flood Risk Due to Levee." Affected property owners should contact their insurance and/or mortgage companies to determine the status of their flood insurance as it pertains to their property.

The successful LOMR process was a result of the generous cooperation of VERSO and Consolidated Water Power Company, allowing the City of Stevens Point to construct the additional Seawall on top of the existing Consolidated Water Power Company Seawall.

Resources for Residents of the Former Floodplain