Tree Planting

Right Tree, Right Place

In 1993, the City of Stevens Point received a grant from Wisconsin Public Service to develop a small tree demonstration planting. The planting provides examples of trees that rarely exceed 25 feet in height at maturity, and therefore do not interfere with overhead utility lines. Such trees require little trimming, if any, to keep their branches clear from the lines.

The planting is located along the Wisconsin River in the 1400 block of Water Street, on the west side of the street under the utility lines. Public parking is available directly across from the planting on the east side of the street.


View a description of each tree included in the demonstration planting:

It is best to not plant directly under power lines at all, but if necessary, trees such as these are recommended for planting under, or in close proximity to, overhead power lines. Offsetting the trees is better than planting them directly under the lines. Other trees, shrubs, and flowers are also compatible with planting in close proximity to overhead utility lines. When selecting a plant, keep its mature size in mind.

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For more information about tree planting, please contact the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department at (715) 346-1532.