Lawn Gone Native

Lawn Gone Native

The City of Stevens Point is coordinating support for residents who want to further transform their yards into landscapes planted with native species. Thanks to strong community organizations such as Wild Ones – Central Wisconsin Chapter and the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, informal mentorship will be available to residents who want to learn the process of re-establishing a native-planted landscape and wish to receive assistance in planning and planting their yards. Participating residents must register to participate in the program and be connected with volunteer mentors.

To assist with plant selection, Community Development staff partnered with the creators of Lawn Gone Native and Wild Ones – Central Wisconsin Chapter to produce template documents for specific yard conditions. These documents are intended to be guides, not rule books! Please use them as a tool and exercise creative freedom in native plant selection. Staff will review and approve plans submitted for compliance with the City of Stevens Point Code of Ordinances Chapter 21.03(21) to allow the property owner to deviate from typical turf grass-cutting standards within the City. 

Program Impact

Ideally, the community will see benefits from participating in Lawn Gone Native and No Mow May. Faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point have agreed to study the impact of the programs on pollinator counts, soil health, and program efficiency. Participation in the studies is not required, but opting into the studies may help provide data that increases the likelihood that Lawn Gone Native becomes a funded program through regional, state, and national programs. The option to participate in the studies is presented during registration.

Residents who do not want to participate in University-led studies but want to contribute to pollinator research can download the WiBee app! The app is fun and simple to use.

Lawn Gone Native Workshop - September 12, 2023