Lodge Rental Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you allow tents or inflatables to be put up outside the lodges? 

Yes, tents larger than 10' x 10' or inflatables (bouncy houses) that require stakes in the ground require a meeting, to discuss placement, with the Parks Superintendent 3-4 weeks before your rental date. Call the Parks office at 715-346-1531 to schedule a meeting. The tent or inflatable rental company or renter must provide a certificate of insurance listing the City of Stevens Point as additionally insured. There is a utility locate service fee required.

2. Are there any noise or music restrictions? 

Yes, the City of Stevens Point has a noise ordinance that applies to rentals in the park. “Occupant Permitting Loud Noise City Ord.21.03(4) (14) No owner or occupant of a building or premise shall permit, or allow any noise tending to unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet of persons in the vicinity. This includes, but is not limited to voices, music, engines, etc.” In general, be considerate of our park neighbors.

3. Are there any restrictions for decor? 

No permanent installations can be made, like painting, nailing, screwing, etc. décor to the walls. Please use removable items when decorating. The use of glitter or confetti of any kind is prohibited.

4. Are there any alcohol restrictions? 

No special serving license or licensed bartenders are required for private events. All state/local alcohol laws apply (no serving minors, etc). Your guests are welcome to have alcohol inside or outside the building. Glass containers are discouraged outside of the lodges.

5. Are there any restrictions on serving food? 

No, because it is a private event. Some renters have food trucks or caterers. We just ask that they do not drive on the park lawn or on the pathways within the park. All lodges have a range, sink, and refrigerator for food preparation/serving. Public events may require extra permitting, call for more information.

6. Can we move tables and chairs around inside and in the immediate area surrounding the building freely? 

You are welcome to move any picnic tables or folding chairs provided inside or outside the building. If you choose to rent your own tables, you can move the existing tables outside or you can request to have our crew move the tables out of the building for you. The tables would then be placed outside, which you can then arrange how you see fit. We just ask that you put tables and chairs back.

7. Can I tour the facility to know what the inside of the lodge looks like? 

Yes, you can schedule a self-guided tour May 1 – October 12, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. A $50 deposit is required when you come pick up the key, which is returned when you drop the key back off after your tour, no later than 2:30pm that same day.

8. Is there WiFi in the lodges? 

Unfortunately, we do not have WiFi in the lodges.

9. Can I get in before the start time of 10:00 am? 

We do not allow early start times for weekend rentals. For weekday rentals, you may request an early start time. Approval is not guaranteed.

10. Can I start setting up for my event the day before my rental? 

No. If you need extra time before your event to set up, you will need to rent the day before your event.

11. Can I leave the clean up duties until the next day? 

No. If your items are still in the lodge the next day or clean up has not been completed, you will forfeit a portion or all of your security deposit.

12. Do we need to complete a special event application/permit? Do we need event insurance or any special permits? 

Private events in our lodges are not considered a special event and therefore no special event requirements (application/permit/insurance) are needed. Events open to the public may be considered a special event, please call 715-346-1531 to discuss with one of our staff members. Special events may require event insurance.

13. Can we have confetti or glitter in the lodges? 

Please do not use confetti or glitter indoors or outdoors on City property.