No Mow May

No Mow May Poster

Notice: Registration for "No Mow May" is Closed

If you didn't get to sign up on time, please come back next year!

The City of Stevens Point is relaxing lawn care ordinances for the month of May to promote pollinator habitat. “NO MOW MAY” is observed in communities nationwide to let people grow their lawns to provide food and habitat for pollinators.

There are over 4,000 species of bees in North America, and populations have been affected to the point where 1 in 4 of those species are at risk of extinction. The main causes for this decline have been identified as loss of habitat, use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and climate change.

“We have a strong conservation ethic here in Stevens Point,” said Mayor Mike Wiza. “We have constructed pollinator gardens around the community and have worked to allow honey bees to be kept in the city. "No Mow May" is just one more way people who choose to help can do so.”

Over 200 residents who chose to participate registered and agreed to terms by May 1, 2021. Participants were given a sign to post in their yard so neighbors know they are participating in the program, and all lawns must be back in compliance on June 1, 2021 or the owners will be subject to regular penalties.

“You can just reduce the number of times you mow, not mow at all, or maybe only participate for a shorter time,” continued Mayor Wiza. “Be respectful of the environment, but please be respectful of your neighbors, too.”