Open Book & Board of Review

Open Book

Property owners with questions about their assessment are encouraged to contact the Assessor’s office any time during the year and are not limited to Open Book. 

Open Book simply provides a designated date and time for property owners to discuss their assessment with the Assessor. Many questions regarding assessment can be answered with a phone conversation or email.

Open Book 2020

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020
  • 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Due to current circumstances, the assessment roll will be available in pdf form on our website.  If you are unable to view the assessment roll, please feel free to call us and we will assist you in accessing the assessment roll by other means. The Assessor and Assessment Staff will be available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.
  • See the 2020 Completed Assessment Roll (PDF)

Board of Review

If you discussed your assessment with the Assessor and do not agree with the determination, you may appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.  

If you wish to appeal your assessment, you will need to file a written or oral intent to object with the City Clerk at least 48 hours before the opening of the Board of Review.  

In addition, you must complete an approved objection form and file it with the Clerk of the Board of Review prior to or within the first two hours of the Board’s first scheduled meeting. 

The Board of Review process operates like a court.  Their function is not one of valuation, but of deciding the validity of facts presented orally before them.  You or your representative may testify concerning your assessment objection.  You must prove that your property is not equitably assessed when compared to the general level of assessment within your tax district.

The Property Assessment Appeal Guide (PDF) includes additional information about the appeal process.

Board of Review 2020

  • Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • 1st Floor Conference Room, 1462 Strongs Ave., Stevens Point, WI 54481