Community TV

Stevens Point Community TV

Spectrum Channel 984 & TDS Channel 13
Stevens Point’s Government and Public Access TV Station.

All of the programs seen on Community Television are produced or sponsored by residents of the Stevens Point area.

For more information, read our policies (PDF).

Community Information on TV

Watch the Community Bulletin Board on weekday evenings and all day Sunday for information about Community Resources and the Schedule of all Programs Playing

Submit a TV Program

To submit a program to be played on Community TV, fill out a Program Responsibility Form (pdf) and submit it with your DVD. Please read the form very carefully before submitting your tape. The person who signs the form must be a resident of the Stevens Point/Plover area or a representative of a group headquartered here.


The viewpoints expressed in programs seen on Community TV are not necessarily those of Community Television, Spectrum, TDS, or the City of Stevens Point or its employees. Each program’s producer or local sponsor is responsible for the program’s content.