Business Improvement Districts

What is a Business Improvement District?

A Business Improvement District (known simply as a BID) is a boundary of a commercial and/or industrial area established with recommendation of the BID Planning Committee. This area, governed by a BID Board of Directors, is able to levy additional property tax on the properties within the boundary to help promote, market, and maintain the BID area. Typically, BIDs are established in downtown areas and neighborhood commercial districts in an attempt to further economic activity of those areas. Communities throughout Wisconsin, such as the Wausau River District, have embraced BIDs as a way to make their business districts more viable and vibrant through marketing, promotions, events, and maintenance of the designated BID area.

Downtown Business Improvement District

The Downtown Business Improvement District was adopted in December of 2022 and began operations in 2023. This Business Improvement District was initiated by representatives from the Stevens Point Alliance, downtown property owners, and supported by Community Development staff. The Downtown Business Improvement District is led by 7 board members and supported by Community Development staff. Applications are closed but interested business and property owners may submit a completed application to the Stevens Point City Clerk at 1515 Strongs Ave for future consideration.