Tourist Rooming Houses in Stevens Point

What is a Tourist Rooming House?

A Tourist Rooming House is a building or portion thereof, other than a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast establishment, or hostel, in which sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to tourists or transients. 

A Transient or Tourist is a person who travels to a location away from his or her permanent address for a short period of time, not to exceed thirty days, for vacation, pleasure, recreation, culture, business, or employment.

Regulation of Tourist Rooming Houses


Tourist Rooming Houses are a permitted use within the City of Stevens Point if they are owner-occupied. This means the owner permanently resides on the premise, in addition to providing accommodations to tourists or transients. 

A conditional use permit is required for all Tourist Rooming Houses which are exclusively operated where the owner does not reside on the property. 

Operating a Tourist Rooming House not in compliance with the above may be subject to penalty provisions outline in the Zoning Code, Chapter 23, of the Revised Municipal Code of the City of Stevens Point. 

Failure to obtain proper permits to operate a Tourist Rooming House within the City of Stevens Point may result in additional enforcement, including the imposition of daily fines for violation, consistent with Chapter 23.06 of the City’s Zoning Code. 

Portage County Health & Human Services (PCHHS) Lodging License

The PCHHS department requires a lodging license for the operation of Tourist Rooming Houses per the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (ATCP) Chapter ATCP 72. As part of the licensing process, an inspection of the dwelling is required. 

Contact for more License Information

Portage County Department of Health and Human Services

Tourist Rooming House Taxes

State Sales Tax

Wisconsin state sales tax is required for Tourist Rooming Houses per WI ACT 59. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s website for more information on state sales tax requirements.  

Note: Certain websites for advertising Tourist Rooming Houses may have a Collections Agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue to collect and remit WI State Sales Tax as part of the built-in platform for the website. If utilizing these entities’ websites to assist in advertising, ensure you clearly understand any procedure to collect required WI State Sales Tax, or make sure to follow the State’s procedure. 

Local Room Tax

The City of Stevens Point requires room tax for stays which is considered a “pass through tax,” passed on to the tourist or transient staying within the Tourist Rooming House. 

Note: It is suggested to note the required room tax fee and sales tax fee within any listing or advertisement for the Tourist Rooming House, via any collections platform utilized. 

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