Room Tax (Occupancy Tax)

General Information

  • Room Tax (Occupancy Tax) is a tax collected by all area Hotel/Motel establishments and Tourist Rooming Houses (Marketplace Providers) on lodging. 
  • The money is primarily distributed by the Stevens Point Tourism Commission for the purpose of generating additional hotel/motel stays. 
  • The current Room Tax rate is 8% and is charged on taxable room receipts, for stays of less than 30 consecutive days.
  • Room Tax should not be charged to governmental agencies or persons listed under Wisconsin State Statute 66.0615 (1m) which also references section 77.54 (9a) which exempts governmental units along with schools, charitable and religious organizations.  To further clarify, if someone is exempt from Wisconsin Sales Tax, they are also exempt from Wisconsin Room Tax as well.
  • Unpaid tax bears monthly interest (1%) and penalties (25%) from the due date until the 1st day of the month following your payment. Interest and penalties are based on previous year’s report for same time period. It is important to note that the due dates are strictly enforced, late payments incur interest and penalties.  (Municipal Ordinance, Finance Section 4.13(12)(13))
  • See the Finance-Room Tax Ordinance 4.13 (PDF) for additional information.

Room Tax Reporting Forms

Reporting Forms for Hotels & Motels

  • Your Room Tax Report is filed with and paid to the Stevens Point Treasurer.  
  • Hotel/Motel Room Tax Report Form (PDF)
  • The room tax report is due on the last day of the month following the quarter being reported.  Please see the Due dates schedule below.

Reporting Forms for Tourist Rooming Houses
(Marketplace Providers)

Paying Your Room Tax

Due Dates

  • Quarter 1 - Collections for January-March must be paid by April 30.  
  • Quarter 2 - Collections for April-June must be paid by July 31.  
  • Quarter 3 - Collections for July-September must be paid by October 31.  
  • Quarter 4 - Collections for October-December must be paid by January 31.

Pay Online

  1. E-mail your Room Tax Report to
  2. Visit our Point & Pay Website to make your payment
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select “Treasurer-Invoices/Licenses/Tax” 
  4. Use the next drop-down menu to select “Room Tax” 
  5. Enter Hotel Name in the Business Name boxRoom Tax Payment Screen Shot Opens in new window

You will be able to confirm all fees prior to accepting your payment.

Pay In Person or by Mail

  1. On or before the due date, prepare your Room Tax Report and payment made payable to:  City of Stevens Point
  2. Bring or mail your Report and Payment to:
    City of Stevens Point
    Comptroller/Treasurer's Office
    1515 Strongs Avenue,
    Stevens Point, WI 54481