Solar Statement

June 24, 2019

Re: SolSmart Designation

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure to announce that the City of Stevens Point has made a commitment to become a Solsmart designated community.  Through a key partnership with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the City of Stevens Point will tediously work to make improvements to solar permitting, inspections, education, affordability, and popularity by taking critical steps to improve procedures, protocols, and promotion. The efforts above will significantly improve the efficiency of local processes related to solar development, which may result in the saving of local government dollars. A SolSmart designation builds upon the community's goals within the Comprehensive Plan, as well as those outlined in the document “A Path to a Sustainable Stevens Point.” By participating in the SolSmart designation program, the City will achieve the following: 

  • Develop and implement an effective community solar program. 
  • Create, leverage, and market solar financing assistance options for residential and commercial solar projects. 
  • Pursue the installation of solar systems on key local government facilities, as exemplified by the recent construction of the City’s Public Utility garage. 

These efforts exhibit Stevens Point’s commitment to support renewable energy and to create an economically, environmentally, and socially healthy community. This commitment requires the support and involvement of the entire community, which we invite to stay connected by visiting:

Inquiries related to the City of Stevens Point’s SolSmart participation can be directed to the Community Development Department, City of Stevens Point, 715-346-1567,


Mike Wiza
Mayor of Stevens Point