What Is & Is Not Recyclable

Put in your Recycling Cart

Rinse and mix all containers together with other recyclables in the green lid recycling cart.

  • Cans: Steel (push partially attached lid into can), Empty Aerosol (non-pesticide only), Aluminum (do not crush) 
  • Glass: Jars & Bottles (no window glass)
  • Plastics: #1, #2, #5 Plastics, Plastic containers (bottles, jugs, food, beverage, deli, ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, bakery, medicine/pill, kitty litter containers (Leave caps/lids on containers)
  • Paper: Office paper, junk mail, catalogs, envelopes (with or without windows), magazines, newspapers, phonebooks, paperback books, and paper bags. 
    • Flatten all: Paper egg cartons, containerboard, cardboard, cardboard rolls, and cardboard tubes. (You may mix them together in a paper bag and put that in the cart to minimize contamination)

Put in your Garbage Cart

Place these items and non-demolition items in your brown lid garbage/refuse cart. 

  • Plastic bags, plastic film, or shrink wrap (or take them to specific locations for recycling)
  • Plastic straws, plates, silverware, drink pouches, frozen food containers, food
  • Styrofoam (egg cartons, hot beverage cups, plates, formed packing pieces, or packing peanuts), foam/polystyrene
  • Aluminum foil & baking pans, metal or plastic liners
  • Empty motor oil containers, light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, ceramics, clay pots, tissue products, paper towels, soiled paper, dirty cardboard, CD cases, vinyl (siding, etc.) 
  • Large plastic Items (15 gallon containers or larger, furniture items, toys, etc.) are considered garbage. 
  • Aseptic Boxes and Paper Cartons: soup, milk, broth, orange juice, soy milk, etc. 
  • Dried out latex paint and empty paint cans (with lids off).

Do Not Put in Either Cart: Electronics

  • Wisconsin’s electronics recycling law bans the landfilling of computers, laptops, printers, televisions, computer peripherals, fax machines, DVD players, VCRs and other video players (i.e., DVRs), phones, video displays, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent bulbs and tubes, etc.
  • Contact the Street Dept. at 715-346-1537 or the Portage County Solid Waste Dept. at 715-343-6297 for an e-cycle drop-off location. 

Do Not Put in Either Cart: Medicines & Sharps

Take to the City’s Drop-Off

Residents may self-haul these items to Stevens Point’s Drop-off Site at 100 Sixth Avenue or the Portage County Solid Waste Department Transfer Facility at 650 Moore Road 

  • Lead acid vehicle batteries
  • Motor Oil. Do not mix used motor oil with gasoline, solvents, oil-gas mixture, or water contaminated oil. Put in clear screw cap plastic container (max 2.5 gallons). 
  • Used automotive oil filters and absorbent materials are banned from Wisconsin landfills. Filters can be taken free to the Stevens Point Drop-off or the Portage County Solid Waste Department for a fee. 
  • Yard materials (leaves, grass clippings, plant stalks, flowers, twigs/sticks). For home composting options, call the Portage County Solid Waste Department info Line 715-343-6297. Read more about the Compost Collection Program.
  • Demolition Material
    • Only on Saturdays
    • Only in small amounts (per Attendant's Discretion)
    • Drywall, windows, boards/trim, doors, siding, & shingles
    • $15.00 fee (per window, per door, bundle of boards) 
    • Debris from major remodeling / construction projects should be self-hauled to the Portage County Solid Waste Dept. Transfer Facility.
    • Read more about Taking Demolition Material to the Drop-Off
  • Small Appliances are Not Accepted

Take to the Po. Co. Transfer Facility

Take these items to the Portage Co. Solid Waste Dept Transfer Facility (by  Appointment Only 343-6297). 

  • Household Hazardous Waste, degreasers, fuel, auto fluids, solvents, yard/garden pest controls, household cleaners, paints swimming pool chemicals, gun cleaning fluid, creosote, photography chemicals, etc.
  • Read More about Household Hazardous Waste