Riverfront Rendezvous Trivia Contest

Teams will register their Team Name with the Rendezvous Trivia Hosts and will consist of a maximum of seven (7) players. Maximum number of teams that can play is 20.

Three rounds of ten questions will be asked. Teams will write their answer on the Official Rendezvous Trivia Answer sheet and turn it in to the Trivia Hosts at the end of each round.

Point values for each round:
One = 1
Two = 2
Three = 3

The winning team of each round will win complimentary beverages from Riverfront Rendezvous. Overall winning team will receive $100.

There will be a Picture Round played between rounds two and three. The point value for each correctly identified picture is one point.

In the case of a tie at the end of the final round, there will be a tie-breaker round for the teams tied for first place.


  • No use of cell phones or outside reference materials
  • Please do not call out any of the answers
  • No collaborating with other teams
  • Once an answer sheet has been turned in, they may NOT be changed
  • The Trivia Hosts will have the final say in all circumstances


  • What if my team disagrees with the answer to a particular question?
    We make every effort to be 100% accurate, but sometimes we come up short of this goal. Should you disagree with an answer, please discuss with the Hosts between rounds and have documentation to support your claim. But please keep in mind that the Hosts will have the final say in all circumstances during play.
  • What if we see another team cheating during the game? 
    All teams are on your honor regarding the rules. You may want to remind the team that isn't playing fair that it is pretty lame to cheat to win a FREE trivia contest.
  • Is the Mayor of Stevens Point really as good at trivia as everyone says?
    There is only one way to find out, and that is to play Riverfront Rendezvous Trivia!

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