Private Rental Rules

Iverson Park Winter Sports Area Rental Rules

Rental of the Iverson Park Winter Sports Area (IPWSA) entitles the renter to exclusive use of all facilities. i.e. Toboggan Slide(s) saucer/ sled hills, skating rink, and lodge. Rental also includes the use of up to 12 city toboggans.

In the event that people are using the facility who are not part of the renters' party, please inform the Park Attendant(s) on duty. The Parks Department will try to keep the attendance to party members only, however please keep in mind it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other. Your help is appreciated.

1. A security deposit is required prior to the lodge rental. If damage occurs to the building, grounds, or equipment or if clean-up is inadequate, the deposit will be held in escrow until restitution is made. Damages to property and /or clean-up will be for all labor and materials associated with the incident.
2. Floors are to be swept and mopped, all food and beverages removed by the renter, stove cleaned, tables/countertops washed and rinsed, and the outside area free of litter. Please leave "bagged" garbage in the lodge. Recycling is mandatory.
3. a. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide 2 or 3 employees (depending on the size of the party) for the sole purpose of operating the toboggan runs and building supervision. The renter will provide all other supervision for their private party groups (sled and saucer hills, skating rink, etc.). Under no circumstances will the general public be allowed to trip their own toboggans.
b. It is the Renter's responsibility to inform all private party participants to follow all posted rules as signed at the park facility and obey park employees at all times.
4. The Renter agrees to indemnify The City of Stevens Point, its employees, agent, or representatives and to hold The City harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, actions, damages, liabilities, and expenses in connection with loss of life, personal injury and /or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon or at the premises. In case the City shall, without fault on its part, be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against Renter, then Renter shall protect and hold the City harmless and shall pay all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees incurred or paid by The City in connection with such claim or litigation.
5. The Parks and Recreation Department holds the right to stop activities in the event such activities are detrimental to the overall use of the Park. Failure of the Renter to observe any of these terms and conditions is cause for ejection from the premises at the discretion of the director (or his delegate), and in such case, no refund will be made, and fines may be charged depending on the circumstances.
6. In the event of inclement weather, prior to or during the private party, the sled, saucer, and toboggan areas may be closed.
7. Payment of the fee shall be at least 5 working days in advance and shall be non-refundable, except as may be hereinafter otherwise provided.
8. No alcoholic beverages may be sold without approval from the Parks Commission, Public Policy & General Government Committee, and Common Council, along with a Class B beverage license issued by the City Clerk.
9. Please vacate the park premises at the appointed time to make the lodge available to other incoming parties.
10. a. In order to cancel this agreement, the Renter must give the City at least 24 hours written or oral notice. The rental fee will otherwise be forfeited.
b. Sudden inclement weather is the only exception that may not cause loss of rental fee if agreed upon between the Renter and the City.
11. Iverson Park All Purpose Lodge's phone number is 715-346-1240.

Important Park Rules to Follow

1. Alcohol is allowed but is not to be sold.
2. Snowboards are allowed on designated hills.
3. All toboggan slides close 15 minutes prior to the end of the private party time so an inventory of toboggans may be taken.
4. Abide by all posted park rules at the facility and those carried out by park employees.

Helpful Reminders for Renters

Please mail or deliver in person, at least five working days in advance, two separate checks (rental fee amount and security deposit amount) or the exact cash amount for your lodge rental and security deposit, along with the signed pink copy of the All Purpose Lodge Rental Agreement. You keep the white copy for your records.

It is the Renter's responsibility, especially in the case of large party numbers involving young people, to provide all supervision and inform all participants of the rules and regulations as signed at the facility. Park attendants will not hesitate to enforce these park rules and regulations.

It is our wish that your party be as enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to

contact the Stevens Point Parks and Recreation Department, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm at 715-346-1531.