Mayor Mike Wiza

Mayor Mike WizaThe Mayor of the City of Stevens Point has the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as full-time Chief Executive Officer of the City
  • Presides over City Council meetings, votes in the event of a tie
  • Executes veto powers over any ordinance approved by the Common Council (a mayoral veto can be overturned by a two-thirds vote of the Common Council)

The mayor also serves as the chairman of the Board of Public Works and the City Plan Commission. There are no limits restricting the number of four-year terms an individual may serve as mayor.

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Social Media

"Talking Point"

Watch "Talking Point with Mayor Mike Wiza" on Community TV (PDF) channel 984, or on our YouTube channel, or listen to it on the City's radio station WSNP-LP, 105.9 FM.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

7:30 am - 4:00 pm


Mike Wiza, Mayor

Stevens Point City Hall
1515 Strongs Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: (715) 346-1570
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