Business 51 Improvement Project

Project Public Information Meetings

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Project Overview

The City of Stevens Point is studying the transportation network along the Business 51 (Division/Church Street) corridor, which extends approximately three miles from the south city limits to North Point Drive, in order to identify an alternative for Business 51 that allows the corridor to serve as a safe and efficient link in the city’s transportation system.

The purpose of the Business 51 study is to address the pavement, safety, and multimodal needs of Business 51 while ensuring efficient traffic flow. The study will identify alternatives to address the following needs:

  • Pavement condition: Improve deficient pavement.
  • Safety: Safe operation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations: Connections to existing bicycle and pedestrian networks.

The project will also feature storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, and fiber improvements throughout the corridor. A new telecommunications conduit will be installed the entire length of the corridor. Street lighting will be upgraded throughout the corridor.

The results of this study will allow the City, land owners, and local businesses to make informed land use decisions compatible with the long-range plans.

Project Schedule

Part 1 – Planning

  • Purpose and Need - Summer 2020
  • Alternatives Development - Fall 2020
  • Alternatives Evaluation - Winter 2020
  • Recommended Alternative - Summer 2021

Part 2 – Design

  • Begin Design - Fall 2021
  • Complete 30% Plans - TBD
  • Final Design - TBD

Part 3 – Construction

  • Begin Construction - 2024 at the earliest

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