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Posted on: February 7, 2018

105.9 FM WSNP-LP Now Available in NextRadio App

Always free, always connected, the NextRadio app is another great way listen to WSNP-LP 105.9 FM radio on your mobile device. NextRadio lets you tune to WSNP-LP by using your smartphone’s built-in FM chip, so listening does not use up your data plan!

NextRadio is a free smartphone/mobile device app that allows you to listen to live, local FM radio like the City of Stevens Point's low-power FM station, 105.9 WSNP-LP, which plays local government meetings, information programs, and a library of great music you can't hear anywhere else.

The newest version of NextRadio is available for download from Amazon, the App Store, and Google Play Store.

NextRadio has two modes: FM Mode and Streaming Mode. FM Mode requires an FM-enabled device and headphones or an audio cable (such as one going to a car stereo or powered speaker) plugged into the phone. 

FM Mode uses the FM receiver inside FM-enabled devices to receive over-the-air FM radio signals. While using the NextRadio app in FM Mode with no data and no Wi-Fi for streaming, your phone will work just like a simple, portable FM radio.
This allows you to receive potentially life-saving information in an emergency when data networks may be down.

To find out if your phone is FM-enabled, you can view a complete list of FM-enabled devices in the United States on the NextRadio Website, or just try using the app with your mobile data and WiFi turned off.

In FM Mode, NextRadio uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to download album art and other enhanced content, but gets the audio via the station's FM broadcast, which means you'll use considerably less data than if you were listening via a streaming-only app. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can still listen to the radio on an FM-enabled device, but you won't get enhanced content.

The FM receiver chip in mobile devices uses the cord from your headphones or an audio cable as an antenna. If you do not have wired headphones or a cable plugged in, you can still listen to WSNP-LP's Internet stream, but then you'll be using your data plan if you aren't connected to WiFi.

Get more details about NextRadio by reading their Frequently Asked Questions

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